Bure Ultrafine Particle Fogging Machine

Dynamic Safety Solutions are delighted to now offer the Bure Ultrafine Particle Fogging Machine as part of our range. Now every space in your building can be disinfected. It can be applied to public offices, schools, factories, apartments, houses, churches, hotels, theatres, hospitals, public institutions, Care Homes etc. for multi-purpose disinfection/sterilization & cleaning.



Product Name Motor Output Capacity of Chemical Injection Distance Particle Size Colour Power Source Size Weight Wire Length
BURE 1,250W 3L
(0.8 Gal)
5 ~ 10M
(16.6~32 ft)
10 ~ 50 grey 220V 160*550*250mm
(6.3*21.7*9.8 In)
(6.83 lb)
(19.7 ft)