Blue Roll – 6 per case

12.55 excl VAT

Product Code: DSSL016

Designed for everyday general-purpose use, our Centrefeed Rolls offer the perfect combination of high absorption for effective wiping coupled with a decent strength for maximum practicality.

Popular in a wide range of sectors and applications, this product is disposable for quick and easy handling, and also to help improve levels of hygiene in areas where it’s used.


Our version is made using recycled paper so it’s kinder to the environment, and perforated sheets allow for single-sheet dispensing to minimise waste. You can also choose whether to dispense this paper sheet by sheet using the ready-made perforations, or through the splittable core.

For the best versatility possible, we’ve made sure this product is compatible with most paper roll dispensers.

Disposable product helps improve hygiene and minimise the risk of contamination

Quick and easy to use and dispose of 60mm splittable core allows pulling of the sheets through the centre

Made and packaged in recycled and recyclable material

For use with most roll dispensers

Pre-perforated sheets for single sheet use and minimal waste

Dual dispensing through core or by the sheet

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