Our Automatic Hand Sanitising Stations are supplied with Automatic Dispensers and can be used indoors or at any covered school entrance, exit, classroom, on any wall or in any public or staff meeting area. With 700mml capacity, the automatic dispersing method is activated by infrared sensor which ensures controlled and measured dispersal of gel.

Design examples for childcare, special needs, national school and secondary schools available on request

Automatic Dispensers can be fixed to the printed wall panel – the panel supplied with Child apprpriate graphics while still using Covid-19 recognised branding.

  • Printed panels can be wiped down easily.
  • The station can be assembled in minutes.
  • Dimensions of printed panel – 300x400mm
  • Dispenser Dimensions – L110 x W100 x H165
  • For best results use gel rather than liquid

Prices include delivery to one location but exclude VAT.