PVC Banners

Although printed banner material is inexpensive it is still one of the most durable advertising materials available.

Our range of printed banners, including banners made of certified flame-retardant materials, can be used indoors or outdoors in almost all weather conditions. Available at any length and width, our banners are designed for optimal print performance in every location.

We can custom print your logo or message onto one of our products and only use the highest quality materials available. The most robust materials stand up to demanding weather conditions when used outdoors and will resist fraying and tearing.

Indoor & Outdoor Full Colour Printed PVC Banners

Whether you are marketing your sporting event, exhibiting your new product or advertising a new business launch, our vinyl PVC banners are a cost effecive and durable means of letting your audience know what you have planned. Strong and long-lasting, we offer banner printing with photographic quality on our large format digital presses.

We use a range of top-quality materials inclduing frontlit, double sided, blockout or backlit PVC, which are all extremely hardwearing, tear-resistant and waterproof so you can use it indoors or outdoors. When you order your banner you are not restricted by size or finish as we use high-resolution vinyl printers and high quality finishing processes that can cater for banners of all sizes.

Whichever finish you choose you can rest assured that you will receive a made to measure, high quality, fully finished, crystal clear product.

Choice of banner materials

If you are looking for a banner to install in a windy spot, we recommend mesh fabric which is capable of withstanding high wind loads thanks to its mesh structure. However if you cannot see a product that exactly suits your needs or would like some additional help, please contact us at info@brendanm8.sg-host.com 

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    PVC banners printed on the following materials:

    – Frontlit coated 500 g/m² B1
    – Mesh 330 g/m² B1
    – Double-sided mesh 330 g/m² B1
    – Blockout 650 g/m² B1
    – Polycanvas 270 g/m²
    – Decolit 325 g/m²
    – PVC Backlite 150 g/m² B1

    In the print process, digital UV technology is used to print PVC banners up to a maximum printing width of 500 cm (wider banners welded from parts).

    Textile banners printed on the following materials:

    – Polyglans 115 g/m²
    – Polyglans 115 g/m² B1
    – Air Polyglans 115 g/m²
    – Satin 140 g/m² B1
    – Decor 205 g/m² B1
    – Decor Blockout 400 g/m²
    – Decor Backlite 165 g/m² B1
    – Decor Blockout 250 g/m² black back B1

    Digital technology is used to print banners with high UV resistant inkson textile fabrics on a range of modern industrial printing machines. Maximum printing width is 320 cm. Wider banners are hemmed from parts. 

    A Range of Banner Finishing Options Including:

    PVC Banner finished with metal eyelet





    Banners are a very popular advertising and communication tool. High resolution UV print guarantees that even detailed designs will look outstanding on a wide range of materials

    The beauty of PVC banners is in their flexibility. It means, whatever the use, there’s a cost-effective option for you.

    But all the variety can sometimes get confusing – so if you’re not sure what you need, we’re always happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch. info@brendanm8.sg-host.com