New Risks for Covid

Even though 2021 has started with the closure of large sectors of industry under current levels of government lockdown, there are still very noticeable examples of how the pandemic has transformed the way businesses are operating.

Social distancing measures, face coverings, hand sanitising solutions and workstation cleaning products are now a daily norm for employers to consider for employee and customer protection.

It is likely that a lot of these short term changes in response to the virus will become long term business measures and will alter workplace behaviour reducing the likelihood of any impact to business continuity or employee welfare.

In response to this change, Dynamic Safety Solutions are ensuring ease of compliance for our customers with the recent addition of the safety supplies division, Dynamic Safety Supplies within the organisation.

Buddy Pod Social Distancing Screens
Social Distancing Screen Guards


Office layouts, retail environments and factory work areas have all been tweaked to add more space between workers as per social distancing policies. The integration of social distancing signage in all industries including constructions such as our CIF/Covid 19 builders packs are helping staff maintain best practice.

Protective screens such as BuddyPod social distancing partitions in schools or protective perspex screens between desks and floor areas can be customised to any area or situation. These low cost solutions are durable and aesthetically pleasing to be permanent fixtures even after the pandemic passes, if desired. These improvements improve customer confidence in a business but also potentially, will reduce sick rate amongst employees and absenteeism.


Face coverings, disposable gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitising solutions are items of equipment that ALL businesses would ever have considered as essential purchases even a year ago. Now the reality of the situation is that businesses must have reliable sources for the purchase and supply of all of these supplies.

From low cost 3ply disposable masks to sturdy hand gel stations suitable for long term indoor or outdoor use, Dynamic Safety Supplies are sourcing PPE solutions for all of our customers across the UK and Ireland. Many of these new habits will likely become long term ‘norms’ within organisations so it is important for us, as a supplies company to assure our customers that we only work with the leading hand gel manufacturing, hygiene supplies and medical wholesale companies.

Weils Hand Wipes
Buy Antigen Test Kits


Dynamic Safety Supplies can help manage the risk and spread of Covid-19 within your organisation with our rapid result Covid-19 Antigen Test Kits. A simple nasal swab test is taken to diagnose active infections with the results available within 15 minutes without the need for external laboratory testing. This rapid service is being considered by governments but is already available to businesses looking to continue business activities and implement containment measures.  Our Antigen test kits can also be used as a ‘peace of mind’ test when other national testing measures are not available.

Currently being developed and close to roll out is our private testing facility which will allow for private testing at your location. This service will allow employers to have regular, scheduled testing of employees on their own site in a non-evasive manner and still achieving 15 minute diagnosis of results. If interested in this service, please get in touch to learn about our Covid-19 Testing facilities.

Covid 19 title


For all industry sectors and businesses to recommence works when restrictions are lifted, they will be required to implement internal safety and well-being measures in order to protect their staff, the general public and wider community.

Dynamic Safety Solutions can assist you in completing all assessments and evaluations and enable you to implement the necessary steps that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, the general public and wider community.


  1. COVID-19 Compliance Assessment
  2. Specific COVID-19 emergency plan
  3. COVID-19 Policy
  4. Safety Statement
  5. Compliance Officer training course
  6. COVID-19 Compliance Induction
  7. Risk Assessment / Method Statement

If you have the need for COVID-19 measures to be implemented into your business please contact us today on .