Coronavirus/Social Distancing Signage Solutions

Whether your business is open and adapting to new social distancing practices or planning to re-open and looking for Coronavirus signage solutions, we can help.

We provide customisable COVID-19 signage products, designed to help you share vital health and safety information with your employees, customers and visitors.

Covid-19 – How we can help your business adapt

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These are certianly extraorindary times that we, as business peope find ourselves in and regardless of the industry or sector, we all have a part to play stopping the spread of the COVID-19 disease. 

There is govenment legislation concerning how business can trade or begin to trade again in these emergency times that companies must adhere to. To support those efforts of businesses carry out their normal activities, we supply a range of COVID-19 display solutions that can be used in private and public sectors.  

COVID-19 Signage Brochure
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Anti-Sneeze Guards

Custom designed clear PERSPEX social distancing screens to suit any business including supermarkets, retail shops, offices dealing with the public, take aways and food premises.

These are easy wipe surface and can be installed quickly and without hassle.

To receive a quote, ideally send us an image of the area you want to install the screen guard, dimensions of the counter space and we will prepare a quote for you.

They can supplied branded with company details, cut to any size and delivered to any location in Ireland.

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Social Distancing Signage

As social distancing continues to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we offer a range of wall, window and floor signs to help remind customers and staff.

Produced on durable, non slip floor material or removable window decal material for your convenience and safety. 

We can prepare a quote for ‘off-the-shelf’ sizes if you contact us with your quantity or if you have specific sizes or queries, please give us a call on 076 888 9795.

They can supplied branded with company details, cut to any size and delivered to any location in Ireland.

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Construction Industry Alert Signs

As and when construciton sites begin to open, they will be closed down if they do not adhere to the new Covid-19 Standard Operating Proceedures regarding Health & Safety.

Only workers and personnel who have successfully completed an online induction will be issued with a digital verification card to allow them to enter sites. We supply Covid-19 sign packs to reinforce the messaging.

Produced on durable corriboard, they can be wiped down and reused in mutliple locations. 

Choose form individual signs or packs and select delivery to any location in Ireland.

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Dynamic Safety Solutions can create Covid-19 solutions to suit any business environment such as supermarkets, offices, restaurants, cafes, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.