Lightweight, easy to move, modular social distancing screens for use in childcare facilities, schools or any area that requires partitions to be created.

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BuddyPods, play pod partition screens are portable, lightweight yet durable solutions for child care facilities and schools wishing to provide a service that is safe but also developmentally appropriate.

BuddyPod walls are 1220mm (4ft) high and supplied in 610mm (2ft) or 1220mm (4ft) wide options and can be used to make any straight wall, L, T or U shaped partition. The price is the same for 2ft or 4ft boards at €95 per BuddyPod Wall excluding VAT, so €116.85 per wall incl VAT.

Delivery is charged at €15 per 3 walls so to calculate prices you need to decide the shape of your play pod and the size, then calculate the number of 2ft or 4ft wide BuddyPod walls you need and then the price will be easy to calculate.

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Printed on safe, 10mm thick plastic child friendly material, the screens enable childcare managers and owners to create playpods that minimise disruption whilst still maintining social distances.

BuddyPods provide safe and secure areas for childcare workers to engage with children and also enhance the overall look and feel of the premises for children and provide reassurance to parents that maximum attention is being paid to the welfare of their children.

The BuddyPod panels can be used in crèches, childminders and preschools as an alternative to felt boards or wooden screens.

At Dynamic Safety Solutions, we continue to source new and innovative safety products including our childcare friendly and national school sized hand sanitising stations, all of which can be seen on our website. However we will always be on hand to assist with any specific enquiry if the solution you seek is not on show on our website.

Why Choose BuddyPods?

BuddyPods are a premium product and as standard, each of our walls come with double sided prints, 2 feet and 2 of our own unique connectors that mean you can adapt to any situation.

Lightweight and Portable

Panels are delivered to your address in our custom made packing solutions. There is no special requirements for delivery and you can lift the panels up and move from room to room or around your space as needed.

Flexible Hardwearing Solutions

Every standard BuddyPod board is either 4ft x 4ft (1.2 x 1.2metres) or 2ft x 4ft (610mm x 1.2metres) in size and supplied with 2 feet and 2 connectors. The same connector can be used to make striaght walls or turn around corners. Make straight walls today and pods with corners tomorrow with the same boards and connectors.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Surfaces can be cleaned down between sessions as can paint spills be wiped off as we know ‘accidents’ do happen !

Make Larger Walls in the future

Each wall is supplied with 2 feet and the connectors to join walls together. So you know you can buy a certain amount of walls today and then a point in the future if you need to make the walls larger you can just buy more walls to join in.

Easy to store

If you share a facility and need to take the boards down, no problem. The connectors pop off in a second and the boards can be lifted into storage.

Quick to assemble

The hardest part of the process is when you are sitting down at your PC thinking of what boards you need to order. Once they arrive, open the box, lift the panels up and connect together. Done.

An investment in a BuddyPod system is an investment in your business that will last a number of years.

BuddyPod systems can be used for any space but please contact us if your requirement is a little different. We can advise on our larger BuddyPod systems.

BuddyPod Play Pod solutions – How to order

Every child spends hours playing with lego – BuddyPods are lego for adults !!

Step 1

BuddyPods are supplied in 2ft (610mm) wide x 4ft (1220mm) high or 4ft (1220mm) x 4ft (1220mm) boards which can connect together in seconds with our easy to fit connector pieces. Using the same BuddyPod boards you can make long walls, corners, little rooms with 3 sides etc – BuddyPods really are lego building blocks for your facilty.

Your first step is to decide the shape(s) you are going to partition off to ensure social distancing is maintained for your children. There is no limit on the amount of boards you can connect together.

Step 2

After you have decided the shape of your play pods, you just need to decide the length of each wall.

For example a wall 8ft (2440mm) long can be made by conencting 2 of our 4ft x 4ft boards together or 4 of our 2ft wide boards. The choice really is yours. Every board comes with 2 feet and 2 connectors as standard and are included in the price.

Step 3

Call us on 098 28489 to order.